Augmented Reality Video Sample

1/28/2010 12:02:22 PM

View Alpine Interactive's latest Augmented Reality video sample. Alpine's video intends to show the potential that Augmented Reality presents advertisers.

With this video sample, it is easy to understand how web and print can work together to present new revenue streams to the print advertising industry.

In this example a 'trigger' image of Warner Bro logo is used. The user goes to a designated website and once held aloft, the computer's web cam recognises the 'trigger' - resulting in a video trailer being played in 3D effect.

Through traditional print advertising channels, advertisers can either provide a link to download a 'trigger' image or provide the 'trigger' within the advert. How many other forms of print advertising encourage the reader to interact with the brand in this way?

Have a go for yourself. Print out the 'trigger' marker image

Then go to the Augmented Reality Video Demo link and follow on screen instructions.

If you would like to know more about Augmented Reality and how Alpine Interactive can use it for your business or product please get in touch.

You may also be interested in Alpine Interactive's Augmented Reality on mobile phone apps.

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