Itunes Apple Mobile Device cpu 100

4/17/2012 11:53:29 AM

iTunes Apple Mobile Device cpu 100% - quick fix

A customer complained that his 9 year old pc crashed whenever he opened iTunes. iTunes Apple Mobile 

Apple Mobile Device CPU 100%

Device process was using 100% of the CPU.

He got the error following an update to ITunes. The pc was XP SP3. Apart from the pc only having 512MB of ram! (naturally I added some more) I was pretty stumped.

Several blogs report Apple Tech Support suggesting to uninstall all Apple related software items and in a particular order? Then reinstall.

The solution to iTunes Apple Mobile Device process using 100% CPU in this instance was simple:

Close iTunes

open up a command prompt: start - run - type: cmd

in the window that opens type: netsh winsock reset

press enter

Open ITunes - issue was gone.

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