Remote working - using IT solutions

In today's market, remote working is essential. Staff often need to work away from the traditional office desk, whether thats to access data and email whilst on business trips, working from home or working on the move.

Sales machines have been in overdrive, warning of staff not being able to access the office during the Olympics, fear not, there are solutions a plenty.

There are remote working solutions to fit all budgets. We implement and manage, web based Microsoft Sharepoint, Terminal Services, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), some customers use google docs and some even use drop-box!

We use Manufacturers to suit budgets and solutions ranging from Juniper (higher end) to Netgear (cheaper end).

We manage numerous smart phones and hand held devices including Blackberry Enterprise servers, iPhones and iPads.

Cloud based solutions are available for all, including Microsoft Office 365 and full blown virtualisation.

Let's find out about you and your business;

  • What data needs to be accessed remotely?
  • Who needs access?
  • What are the risks?

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