Augmented Reality Mobile Phone apps

Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?

Looking through the video camera of a mobile phone, Augmented Reality (AR) can not only tell you what you are looking at by showing a text box superimposed upon the view, but offers a way of accessing much more information about that location. Press the text box on your touch screen and you can be taken straight to a contacts page including direct links to phone and email, a website, or even a video of what goes on inside the building. AR is the way of accessing this further information immediately, all through the mobile phone.

How it works?

Your phone's GPS positioning means it knows exactly where you are - and the phone's internal compass means that it knows which way you are facing. By "geotagging" relevant buildings and locations the phone can therefore work what you are looking at and then can display a box with information and links about that location. As you move around with the phone, the boxes are locked to their relevant location, and new boxes may pop up for new locations that come into view.

  • Imagine a tourist guide in your pocket
  • or finding your way around a new school - what lessons are taught in each class or building?
  • present extra information on properties for sale - turn the phone leads into genuine enquiries.
  • A tube finder perhaps?

What we can do for you?

We can provide your own branded application which people download to their phone. This allows you to decide what text and images people see when they look through their mobile phone and how it appears. We can also provide all the tools to allow you to show further information and links and can update update all the information for you. The view can be branded with your logo, which can also be a live link to your website.

How does it work for you?

You will have a password protected website created by us which will allow you to "geotagg" relevant locations and then decide what you want to say about those locations and what links you want to include with those locations. The links can include:

Further text and information
Contacts - email and phone
Directions to another location
Show position on map
We can also work with you to decide what these links should be, and create the whole site for you - and leave you with the ability to edit your information.

Which phones does it work on?

iPhone 3Gs
Google Android