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We are Umbraco developersUmbraco, one of the most flexible Content Management Systems available for the Microsoft .NET platform.

Whether you need a large-scale publishing portal or a small online presence, our Umbraco developers will provide you with the set of tools you need to quickly update your content even if you don't have any technical skills or prior publishing experience at all. They call it "the friendly CMS" for a reason, you as a website editor will be able to do all the work visually as if you were updating a Word document, so you can save your time and nerves towards your content, not your publishing tools.

Umbraco is also an open-source product that uses nothing but standard compliant technologies, which means that our work can be edited by other Umbraco developers the same way we can work over other developer's Umbraco sites. So when you ask us for a website, you can be sure you will get everything you are paying for as an open-source bundle that is flexible enough to fit your current and future needs.

Umbraco is not only flexible and easy to use for customers, it is also a wonderful time saver in development work, which reflects immediately on the base cost of your project. Don't hesitate in asking us for a free quote and be impressed by the price of a cutting-edge Umbraco website.

Our portfolio of Umbraco websites

Being one of the only two CMS officially supported by Microsoft, Umbraco has a wide community of users and developers around the globe and has proven its effectiveness over more than 85.000 websites, such as Bros AustraliaHeinzSony Music Shop among others.

At Alpine we have a portfolio of satisfied customers as well, who update their websites and find it incredibly simple and user friendly on the back-end. All these websites have deep custom branding on the public side as Umbraco doesn't limit the design and creativity at all, but rather gives us the tools we need to implement the most innovative ideas.

Have a look at some of our Umbraco developed websites via our webdesign portfolio or ask us for a free quote on your project now.

Why is Umbraco a great choice?

Have we mentioned how simple and friendly it is? Well, there's more, if you're looking for the specific reasons why you will love our Umbraco CMS solutions, keep reading and get ready to be impressed.

Create content easily and securely
You will be able to easily create new sections and pages within most areas of your site following structure rules that will prevent you from breaking existing features.

Quickly search and edit your articles
You will be able to quickly find existing content using an internal search engine and an intuitive tree-based structure, just like you do on your computer.

Save time with advanced editing features
Umbraco also comprises a set of editing tools that will revolutionize the way of think about online content management. Article creation and editing will benefit from these incredibly handy features:

  • In-context editing - allows you to edit your pages as you view them on the browser
  • Version control - saves every version of an article so you can roll-back in case you make a mistake
  • Publish scheduling - defines automatic publishing and unpublished dates for an article
  • Multilingual support - easy integration of additional languages to your site
  • Member & user management - flexible creation of administrator and member accounts as well as their permissions on the CMS
  • Email notifications - set up automatic emails to be sent when a page is created, modified, copied, translated, published or unpublished
  • User & Role protection - define which users or groups have access to a certain page, having full control over the visibility of your articles
  • Audit trail - keeps a log of every action performed by any user over a page, for easy tracking of editorial issues
  • Word editing - if this isn't enough to make your life easier, then we can connect Microsoft Word to your site so you can edit your articles using the tools you already know

Flexibility, scalability and security
As any other open-source project, Umbraco is permanently updated and maintained by a community of dedicated developers who work worldwide to fix existing issues and expand its capabilities. This means your website will always be secure, reliable and future-proof.

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